SUITCASE Suitcase is a nifty little system extension that lets you avoid having to install fonts into your system. NOTE: Mac OS X font suitcase files use “FFIL” as the file type info code. Some FFIL files may have a different file extension such as. WebINK is where you?ll find high-quality fonts for your websites.

Mac Font Suitcase: Uncommon.fnt: Windows Font File: Very Common.fon: Generic Font File Go to the previous, next chapter. OpenType fonts (with the extension .otf) Older Macintosh Fonts. FFIL files Composite font file file extension dfont: Mac OS X Data Fork Suitcase Format file extension drs: Draw Perfect font file file extension dus: Readiris Font dictionary file Suitcase X1 extensions for Classic On PowerPC-based Macintosh computers with Mac OS X 10.4 or earlier running the Classic environment, Suitcase X1 has two extensions to make fonts. Font suitcases used by Mac OS 9 and earlier that contain TrueType fonts continue to work with Mac OS X. File extension FFIL – Information about Mac Font Suitcases. \Winnt\Fonts: Mac OS Classic: Non-Suitcase TrueType: 1: No extension Mac type is tfil: System:Fonts : TrueType in Suitcase: 1: No extension Mac type is FFIL: System:Fonts Font Management; Suitcase Fusion 3; Universal Type Server 3; FontDoctor; WebINK web fonts.
DFONT. Program(s) that open

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